We are all volunteers...

Our volunteer committee is comprised of caring area residents which live throughout North Kildonan. We have used our own financial resources and time to organize the community meeting. This included having meeting signs printed, the development of this website, delivering meeting notices, sending out letters to the elected officials, press releases to the media, interviews with the media, securing the meeting hall, providing coffee, etc and yes lots of planning meetings. We are definately a group of committed hard working volunteers and will continue to be so; because we want to be sure the right things are being done for our community.

Our common goal is to ensure the Chief Peguis Trail adds value and convenience to the residents of our community; while at the same time protecting the residents from the possible adverse effects from traffic noise, safety of our neighbourhood and through traffic using residential streets as a short cuts. We also want to make sure local businesses, their customers  and their employes are not inconvenienced and impacted negatively. 

We sincerely appreciate your support, assistance  and please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience by emailing us at: nkresidentsbta@gmail.com
Thank you from all of us!