What's Happening?

The community is wondering once again as to what is happening at the intersection of Gateway/Rawleigh/McIvor? The City of Winnipeg has installed orange signs advising the stops signs will be removed on September 2.
There has been absolutely no communication by Councillor Browaty regarding this matter and it has been left for the community to guess again.
Today August 26, 2011 the orange signs (advising the stop signs would be removed on Sept.2) were removed. Apparently the stop signs on Gateway/Rawleigh/McIvor will be staying ...now!
Does Councillor Browaty really know what he's doing?????

Accidents at McIvor & Gateway Road


This accident occured at 2:30 p.m. on July 8, 2011. This is not the first accident at this location with the changes to traffic patterns; as a result of the Chief Peguis Trail construction. We will be monitoring the problems and posting these accidents as they happen.

With the increase in traffic volumes on McIvor Avenue and Gateway Road motorists are becoming more impatient resulting in many more accidents. We have also seen an increase in accidents at McIvor Avenue and Lagimodiere Blvd. too.

Browaty Finally Fulfills Promise ........

At our Community Meeting on April 25, 2011 Councillor Jeff Browaty made a formal commitment to over 500 residents of North Kildonan. Browaty stated he would place the information he was handing out before the meeting on his website for those who did not receive a copy. 
A month and a half later he has finally fulfilled his promise after pressure from this website and your calls and emails to his office. Lets keep the pressure up and make sure there is constant accountability by those we elect to public office!
It amazing to think we have to fight for what is right and fair especially from the person whom we placed our trust in. We should not have to resort to calls and emails to a City Councillor in order to have them do what is expected to be responsible and reasonable. 

We were right....

With over 600 people attending the meeting last night there is no doubt changes need to be made in regard the Chief Peguis Trail access, addressing noise barriers and the ever increasing traffic levels on residential streets.
The community has spoken and Councillor Browaty needs to get to work in solving these concerns now. It is his responsibility to ensure the Chief Peguis Trail compliments our community and nothing less.

You don’t get a second chance if you don’t get it right the first time!

Let Councillor Jeff Browaty know how you feel:
Office: 986-5196
Write: Councillor Jeff Browaty
           510 Main Street – Council Bldg.
           Winnipeg, MB R2G 2J9

Let Mayor Sam Katz know too:
Office: 986-2620
Email: mayor@winnipeg.ca

Write: Mayor Sam Katz
            510 Main Street - Council Bldg.
           Winnipeg, MB R2G 2J9

If you would like to forward us a copy of your message you can reach us by:


Community Concerns:

Recently residents of North Kildonan attended a public open house to look at the design plans for the new Chief Peguis Trail which was hosted by Councillor Jeff Browaty. Many of residents left the meeting bewildered and concerned for our community and its traffic access, egress and general safety after speaking with Councillor Browaty. We are not opposed to the Chief Peguis Trail but we do have some concerns which need to be addressed.

Are you aware the design for the new Chief Peguis Trail will severely restrict and limit our ability to get on and off the new Chief Peguis Trail; as residents living in the area? The current plan will only allow “3” locations for area residents to do so, one will be located at Henderson Highway, the second will be at Gateway Road and lastly on Lagimodiere Boulevard (Hwy #59). That essentially this means if you live anywhere in North Kildonan from McLeod Avenue north to Emerson Avenue of you will face the following impacts, obstructions and traffic problems:

·        No access to drive south or north bound on Raleigh Avenue between Gilmore and Donwood.

·        Enormous traffic congestion at the existing limited intersections of Henderson Hwy, Gateway
         Road and Lagimodiere Blvd. and the new Chief Peguis Trail.

·        The further displacement of negative traffic pressure on existing residential streets like Sun
         Valley Drive, McIvor Avenue, Bonner Avenue, Knowles Avenue and McLeod Avenue;
         impacting our safety and accessibility to Maple Leaf Elementary School, Kilcona Park, Bunn’s
         Creek Centennial Park, Northeast Pioneers Greenway, Superstore, Sun Valley IGA, Sun
         Valley School and other important locations throughout our area.

·        Impacts to workers, business and truckers when entering or leaving the Springfield Road
         industrial areas; as Springfield Road will no longer connect to the west or directly to the new
         Chief Peguis Trail.

We are sure many of you will be further concerned by the new Chief Peguis Trail impacts; as they apply individually to our neighbourhoods and our community as a whole. If you are concerned and want to share your thoughts, support, get involved and to participate openly in a discussion about the traffic needs of our community or even sign a petition to improve traffic access - please attend our community meeting:
                                                                Date: Monday, April 25, 2011
                                                     Time: 7:00 p.m.
                                                     Location: Douglas Mennonite Church
                                                                          1517 Rothesay Street

                                   To contact us: email nkresidentsbta@gmail.com